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Please read through our testimonials from drivers who have learned to drive with the 1st Stop School of Motoring.

"Learning to drive with 1st Stop was fantastic! My instructor, really knew his stuff! He let me learn at my own pace but he was never afraid to give me a new challenge! He's was really confident and relax about teaching his students! And having no previous driving experience, I passed my test, first time, in about 30 hours! my instructors approach to his students was inspiring! He was really flexible in arranging lessons - often working late into the evenings." -
"Passing my test so quickly with 1st Stop gave me loads of confidence and independence! 1st Stop is an extremely professional and student-centered driving school and I would recommend them to you every time! Good luck! (But you won't need it!)" - Paul Lewis

"Learning with 1st Stop was brilliant. When it comes to driving lesson's I guess I always expected a really strict old man that made you feel uncomfortable. But 1st stop showed me that driving can actually be fun and not ALL driving instructors are what they seem. I learnt with Nick and he was brilliant! I looked forward to my driving lessons and I got along well with my instructor. The good thing about 1st Stop is that you always get constant support and advice and if you ever need to ask any questions you dont need to hesitate. Fortunately thanks to Nick I passed my test 1st time! Which i was very pleased with, and i only had one minor fault which was brilliant. I think because the instructors for 1st stop set such a high standard when its time for your test its not as bad as you ever thought it would be!" - Cherelle Farrugia

"1st Stop goes beyond teaching you how to pass your driving test, 1st Stop provides you with what you need to drive in the real world, stay safe and enjoy learning to do it. I can’t recommend 1st Stop highly enough and if you want the most out of driving lessons I hope you listen to what I’ve said and choose this excellent driving school." - Rhys Bevan

"I learnt with 1st stop and passed 1st time, so it should be everyones 1st choice of driving school." - Johan Hennius

"My boyfriend recommended 1st Stop and I am so glad. My instructor was great made my lessons fun and I passed 1st time after just 11 weeks. I am now looking forward to going out on my Pass Plus thanks 1st stop for everything" - Becky

"I had previous lessons and a test before having lesson with Nick at 1st Stop. It was only when I started learning with Nick did I realise how under prepared I was for that first test but Nick saw that and put me on the right path as a result I passed with only 1 minor fault Cheers 1st stop" - Gethin

"Nick is a great driving instructor. He is very thorough, patiently making sure that every manouver is as good as it can be. He gives constant honest, constructive critisism which was much appreciated. He came recomended to me and I would recommend him again to anyone." - Matthew